Tough to get achievements


From Kotaku:

I’ve heard of (and had myself) some truly terrible experiences with customer service, but nothing comes close to Speaker Ender’s from If you are not familiar with it, is a website that lists the various achievements that can be garnered by playing various Xbox games and they do an excellent job. Not only that, but these are true, dyed in the wool Xbox fans who are giving the system a ton of free advertisement with their website and have sung Xbox’s praises from here to the end of the internet.

So what happened to Speaker Ender?

Number of Xbox 360s that have died on me: 3 dead Xbox 360sNumber of lights that I’ve encountered: 9 flashing red ones

Number of calls to 1-800-4MY-XBOX since March: 22 calls

Number of callbacks promised: 15

Number of callbacks received: 3

Number of SR’s started: 9

Number of SR’s closed or replaced due to being set up incorrectly: 5

Number of SR’s closed due to issues actually being resolved: 2

Most Number of times I was asked my name and phone number during a single call: 11 times

Number of times I was told “Microsoft will contact you when the investigation is complete”: 40+

Number of times that I ended up on the Spanish language hold line: 8

Total spent on Xbox 360 related products: $3120.78

Amount of XBL content not working properly: 25,600 points ($319.87)

Total time spent on the phone with 1-800-4MY-XBOX: 1 day, 2 hours, 55 minutes

Total time spent trying various remedies: 1 day, 9 hours, 55 minutes

TOTAL TIME TRYING TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH MY XBOX 360’s: 2 days, 2 hours, 50 minutes

The idea that the XBox360 is the lead platform for the development of Fallout 3 still scares me.


9 thoughts on “Tough to get achievements

  1. From Meebo:

    On the other hand, there are plenty of people who’ve never had an issue with their Xbox 360. Plus, the newer models have better cooling than the originals. And it’s not as if Microsoft hasn’t responded. For example, they retroactively increased the system’s warranty. Not saying there aren’t issues, just that they’re not as endemic as those who have had problems might have you believe.

    Well the problems are pretty widespread; the machine is good, particularly now that has hdmi, but it’s unreliable as hell.

  2. I spent 750€ on my PC this past weekend (didn’t buy case, PSU and drives). Now I’ve got a hell of a machine that plays on full HD with more quality than any XBox360 could hope to (maybe not PS3? I don’t know), a machine that has most pieces with 3 years warranty, except for RAM, because it has lifetime warranty… That machine will last at least 3 years playing all games, and will do much more things than a XBox360 does, like say 3D rendering, modding, painting, writing, programming, browsing the web, playing online, playing old and new games alike, watching movies, hearing music whenever I want, even while playing, downloading utilities and stuff, and guess what? A ZERO cost per month, 0€… No god damned subscription, I just need an internet connection and that’s it… Also, I can open the case whenever I want, I can tune it, I can upgrade it if I want (which I probably will, to buy a DX10 VGA), I can clean it, I can watch its insides… And I don’t have to pay a damn cent for that, and will still have all my warranties… all of them… I can choose what OS to use, I can use multiple OSs, I can do whatever I please with it, have games that are half the price of XBox360’s, and also buy a lot whole lot more games, because old ones are much cheaper… More and better games, since many of the best games ever are available for PC.

    With this said, I believe that the only thing that makes someone buy a console is the games… Because end user support will always be a downside…

  3. You spent 240€ on a dead closed platform… Dead as in… not moving… as in not going on… That was my point. Of course everyone knows what to do with their money, and you have a PC too (or a Mac?)…

    May point was that XBox360 (and probably most consoles for that matter) is way too expensive for what it is in fact. As I said, the only thing there is to it is the games (those which are unashamedly exclusive to it, I mean). For instance, for me, I just can’t afford a 360. It’s just way to expensive. And I’m not talking about that thing in kotaku. What I’m saying is that it’s a dead investment, because I’m spending money on something that isn’t gonna give me nothing. I’d love to buy an 360, or a PS3, or a Wii, or whatever, but a PC is just cheaper.

    And better.

  4. Gold credit card perk, that’s one of the perks I probably need the most 🙂

    Problem between consoles and PCs from a development standpoint is that as limited as a console may seem to PC gamers (and it really is limitied on a number of things but then, that is the tradeoff between a multitask platform and a single task platform even if more and more the gap is being shortened) it’s a stable platform. That’s one of the reasons why many developers focus on consoles – it significantly cuts down on playtesting and future support costs, such as patches.

    Also you have to factor in that term we usually dislike – market realities. A console is for the most part more accessible in terms of price than a PC (and even in somewhat unfairly, it’s also considered easier to work with than a PC – after all, PCs are seen as complex things by most people; an unfortunate misconception no one seems too interested in clearing up). Can we make the case for the PC’s multitask and superior GPUs? Sure. But then, there are already dedicated internet services being developed for consoles as well as specific voice chat software. Also consider the likelihood of console gamers having a PC for other tasks consoles cannot perform (most of which you’ve already outlined in your previous post), along with a console.

    Plus, a console’s life cycle is mostly related to technology advancements – a problem PC users also have to deal with. What we buy today is made obsolote in a very short time. This is no different from consoles since they (mostly) operate on the same hardware. While we could sit here and throw barbs at the mad rush for graphical prowess (seriously, do we need to go higher than Unreal 3? That looks amazing and something my computer will chug along to even get 20 steady frames per second), people only looking towards the ability to play videogames are inevitably flocking to consoles. And at least for a while, brand new PCs were more expensive than brand new consoles.

    This isn’t to condone the game’s development platform of choice but it’s nonetheless understandable. The real reason to be afraid of the game being developed for the Xbox 360 is the possible baggage that comes with it, ie, trying to follow some design trends specific to the platforms’ games such as compartmentalized minigames which simply work independantly of character skills. You can also expect invisible walls, invulnerable NPCs and so on from the technical side of things. Things which are just exceptionally poor design but that most gaming journalists will often pay no mind and will not denounce them.

    PS: Brios, have you considered renaming the Tag Cloud to Atomic Tag Cloud? To fit the rest of the atomic theme and all 😛

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