Behemoth has Skulls


When reading the Gameplayer review I’ve talked about earlier, Bethesda Games forum member Crni Vuk noticed that this picture of the Behemoth, that we’ve seen before, was much more clear and filled with details. Good catch, see it for yourselves, and if you click in the image bellow you can see even more detail, on a version brightened by Frank Online:



9 thoughts on “Behemoth has Skulls

  1. And… that’s just lame… and uninspired… and boring… and generic… and lame… and poor… -_-

    Well, it’s their choice, but I don’t remember seeing ANY character in either Fallout game with skulls… Maybe one of the skulz?

  2. Yes , all new Big Monsters should just look like Death-Claws like in Fallout 2 when they ran out of models …

    Oh I forgot Fallout was perfect, was it?

  3. Well the Behemoth is a new monster type, feels a bit like something from Gears and Resident Evil, but it could work, if it’s something more than a simple Boss type.

    My beef is with the new Supermutants. They are generic, orchish and reming me of some artistic freedom that went wrong on FoT and FoBOS.

  4. comprehension ftl @ simi davis jr. jr.

    thanks to brios pointing out that this “new” design is another drop in a sea of sameness.

    this whole design process reminds me a lot of that old vietnam quote. ‘we had to destroy the village in order to save it”

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