Clara Inside The Vault


Clara and Grant Struthers

From the Bethesda Blog:

Today’s Inside the Vault features artist, Clara Struthers. She is married to Inside the Vault veteran, Grant Struthers. Clara is a world artist, who creates cities and other large game spaces. Currently, she’s hard at work building some amazing areas in Fallout 3. Clara created Anvil, my personal favorite city in Oblivion (where my characters liked to vacation when they needed a break from looking AWE–wait for it-SOME at Cloud Ruler Temple).

A snip:

What would you say is your personal favorite game of all time?

This question is impossible to answer. There are many games I like for different reasons. If I had to pick one game that really solidified my want to pursue game art as a career, I would have to say FF7.

I’m going to have to mention some other games I love. I’m fond of Super Mario World (who am I kidding…any of the original Mario games are great), many of the old Square games (esp. FF5, 6& 7, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears), Half-Life 2, Yoshi’s Cookie (really bad puzzle game, just make sure you always are player 1), Crash Team Racing (actually most kart games are cool), Tetris, the unbelievably additive Guitar Hero II, Battletoads, Link’s Awakening (for the first GameBoy…still have the original Brick lying about), Mario Paint (anyone remember that?!?!), pretty much any game that can be played co-op (Halo, Secret of Manna, Gears of War), Metal Gear for PS1 (Psycho Mantis is still the best villain in any MG to date), Jewel Quest (don’t laugh too loudly), Silent Hill 2, Oblivion, and soon Fallout 3 ;).


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