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From Playstation Universe:

From the creators who brought you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion comes one of the best post-apocalyptic role-playing games ever – Fallout 3. Due to hit stores next year, Fallout 3 will breathe life back into the once amazing franchise about a post nuclear world where humans must not only fight monstrous creatures but toxic infections and radiation as well. brings you an inside look into the world of Fallout 3 through our interview with Pete Hines. Enjoy!

A few highlights:

PSU: Unlike Oblivion where gamers jump into a first time story, Fallout 3 is a game with a storyline that reaches back to two other games. How will the experience be for a gamer that’s never played any previous Fallout game vs. a gamer that’s played them all? Will there be any benefits or disadvantages?

Actually, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are very similar in that respect. Both have a deep storyline and backstory that runs through the series, but each game sort of stands on its own. Our approach is always that we want you to be able to play and enjoy the game without having played the originals, but if you have played the original there are lots of references to characters, lore, and things that may have taken place in previous games that veterans of the series will recognize. This is true for both The Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series, with Fallout 3.[…]

PSU: How does the melee system in Fallout 3 exactly work? How will the VATS system focus its efforts with the melee system?

The goal is to balance the game so that you never have to fire a gun if that’s not the kind of character you are role-playing. So you can use different types of melee weapons in close range and use VATS to target body parts just like you can with a gun. How “exactly” it works is one of many things we are working on at the moment and it continues to get changed and refined until we feel like we have it “just right.”
[…]Now, we all know everyone at Bethesda are the kings of NPC’s and A.I. Has the PlayStation 3 helped Bethesda to program for A.I. easier than other consoles at all? In addition, does Bethesda find that the A.I. potential and A.I. in general on the PS3 has far less potential or greater potential than its competitors?

I assume that your question is more about memory allocation for certain systems, rather than an actual AI package. We use our own system for AI and whether or not it works on any platform is really up to us, not up to the console. In general I would say, for us, it’s about the same across platforms. In general, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are equivalent machines in terms of what they can do; they just go about accomplishing it in different ways in terms of threading, memory management, etc. There are certain things that one console may do “better” or “easier” than the other, but I think you only need to look at Oblivion to see that the game is equivalent on all three platforms in terms of what it can do technically. There aren’t any features that are trimmed down for one platform vs. the other. It’s the same game. That’s our goal again on Fallout 3.

Kings of NPCs and AI?…

Spotted at the Bethesda Blog.


2 thoughts on “Pete at PSU

  1. “Now, we all know everyone at Bethesda are the kings of NPC’s and A.I.”

    I believe Rosh would call that “sphincter slurping” on one of his more amiable days.

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