Perk Requirements

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On the subject of the Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest our friend Role Player asked this on the Bethesda Blog:

Something puzzles me though. You say we shouldn’t worry about any stat or level requirements. That’s fine. But how can we explain what we have envisioned for the Perk? Should people just submit some flavor text (ie., “you are strong and bulky”) and leave that as inspiration for the devs, or can we suggest actual game mechanics in the text (ie., “you are strong (+1 Strength) and bulky (+10lbs to inventory)?

Or, as an alternative, can we submit both the flavor text and a more technical description of the Perk in the contest entry?

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff had this to say:

I think if you want to get a little more technical about the stat, that’s fine if you think it will strengthen your submission. If there’s a perk that we REALLY like but find that the stat level requirements don’t match up with what we’re putting in the game, we can always work with the author of the perk.

Does that help?

Yep, that’s more clear now.

Pictures from TheVault.


3 thoughts on “Perk Requirements

  1. Yup, Gstaff was kind enough to better explain the requirements. As I later replied to him, my concern was nailing down what Bethsoft wanted – just flavor text or flavor text mixed in with actual game modifiers.

    Now, if only the image size didn’t have such a restricting size. Every single Perk I’m drawing ends up looking like ass. Except ass isn’t as pixelated.

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