Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest: Chengs Ideas


So the Fallout 10th Anniversary Design a Perk Contest is still on, and it will be until the end of the month. Meanwhile Bethesda’s Ashley Cheng showed a few Perks of his own, that won’t be featured in the game:

Token Asian: If there aren’t any Asian people living there, I’m not living there either! With Token Asian, you can detect any near by Asians and be comforted by their presence. If your perception is high enough, you’ll see the nearest Pho, too!

The iPip
: This perk enhances your pip boy, allowing you to turn it sideways and flip through your inventory with the touch of your finger – complete with original album covers. Google maps optional (but highly recommended).

The (After) Life of the Party: Unlocks a new signal in your Pip Boy that plays Fall Out Boy’s The (After) Life of the Party over and over again – as if you had set it on repeat one afternoon when you needed to concentrate on putting some layouts and builds together so you shut the door to your office and this song came on and you became obsessed with it for some reason so you set it to play the rest of the day.

Hair Magnet: You are now specially tuned to the Earth’s electromagnetic field and are able to lift cat hairs off furniture, rugs and carpets without the use of the vacuum.

Don’t worry, they are on the cutting room floor 🙂


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