Cain O.C.


From Gamespot:

GS: Speaking of the creative, a lot of the Fallout fans were interested to hear that Tim Cain will be involved in the project. What has he been bringing to the game?

Jeremy Gaffney: Tim’s kind of a triple threat because he is a super nice, experienced guy to work with who’s seen all sorts of cool projects–from some of what I consider to be the best role-playing games of all time across a whole slew of genres. He’s also a killer programmer, and he’s also a top-notch designer. That’s like, three good hires in one for Tim. And he’s a friend of ours. He’s worked with a number of the studio’s founders before. So what he brings to the court is all of that. I think a lot of the same sensibilities led into the Fallout design and some of the neat aspects of that are making their way into this, especially as he codes systems that he coded in Fallout. On top of that, he’s a great manager. We probably underpay him, actually. We’ll go give him a raise after this talk.

The new development house of Tim Cain can be found here. ❤ Tim!

Spotted at NMA.


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