Fallout 3 Forum State of the Art


Things have been slow on the Bethesda Forum Fallout 3 forum, still a few highlights for you, starting with the discussion about the Morbus Gameplay Rant article that you can read in this blog article section. The reactions went from forum member JFiresom excited “Great great read! Made back in early July and still so true even after so much info has been released” to skeptical Bethesda Dev Jay “RadHamster” Woodward:

I moused over that post, but the all-important snark box just said, “An angry post.”

So I click-dragged to look at it, and got this lovingly crafted description: “You see nothing out of the ordinary.”

I am kidding. evillol.sml.gif Remain seated, please.

Well moving on, the Create a Perk topic is proving to be quite entertaining, with Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff posting this:

I hope you guys are submitting some of these. We’re definitely looking at funny/creative ones for prizing. Will that be the key to winning…I don’t know, but I’m sure whichever one cracks up the most people at the office is going to get some sort of prize.
A bit earlier, someone asked if I had any favorites. Cant get into that, but right now we’ve implemented a system that lets folks in the office tag some as “favorites.”

Still with Gstaff answering this statement:

Ninja Elf: I wish they wouldn’t be so insulting, saying they want to simplify it so the common console user can understand. No offense, but it’s not like a select group of geniuses were the only ones playing the original fallout series. If they could grasp the rules and system and enjoy them, anyone can.

Gstaff: I don’t think we’re trying to insult anyone…it’s really just the way we wanted to make the game.

Intense. Well finally the question if Bethesda devs actually listen to the fans got this reply again from Gstaff:

They definitely are reading and listening to what folks have to say. When I go downstairs to get lunch (today’s chicken and mashed potatoes were fantastic), I’ll usually see at least 3 or 4 screens with the forums open while they’re on their lunch break, and that’s just from going through one row of devs.

Of course, those guys are lucky enough to have 2-3 monitors at their desk, so why wouldn’t you be reading the forums?


One thought on “Fallout 3 Forum State of the Art

  1. First Pete, then Cheng, now Woodward… 😥 When will this end? 😥 None of the devs that are destroying my favorite game series likes me 😥 I think I’m gonna kill myself… or somebody…

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