Vault 13: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure


From TheVault:

As part of Fallout’s 10th anniversary celebration, here are 2 previously unreleased screenshots from the GURPS version of the game, courtesy of Chris Taylor. They were created when Scott Campbell was still in charge of the design.

Chris Taylor added this at NMA:

Those screenshots are by Scott Campbell and they are concept/prototype. Scott is a very talented designer, programmer and artist. He would often create working mock-ups. I found those screens in a folder he left behind, so I’m not sure if they were just mock-ups or if he had anything working.
For me, the interesting bits are how closely we were following the GURPS system. Something that Tim did fairly early on was a complete character creator that was compatible with the paper and pencil game. It didn’t have the Scott Campbell interface, IIRC.

Thanks Ausir, great job.


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