MyArcadePlanet talks about Fallout 3


From MyArcadePlanet:

With the forced change over of development from Black Isles to Bethesda, a lot of people have been worried about whether the spirit of the original two games is going to be maintained. The fact that it is Bethesda that is developing Fallout 3 is an indication that we can expect a game in which graphics play a very important part if Oblivion is any indication. The problem is that so far Bethesda’s best work has been in environments that are substantially different to those that the Fallout series have been based in thus far.

For most people, it is the sense of continuity that is most at risk, because the essence of the game is truly derived from those who develop it. This essence is impossible to pass from one company to another, even if all staff involved also move across. On paper the proposition appears good, giving an award winning games franchise to a studio that is award winning in its own right. Unfortunately, situations like that which have occurred recently have shown that the reality often falls grossly short of what is expected (naming no names of course).

The fact that the game is available on multiple platforms merely enlarges the circle of people to whom the game is likely to appeal to, but there are genuine complaints that layers of complexity in the games is likely to be lost in the quest to ensure that it can be played on 360, PS3 and PC. Widespread appeal is essential for any game wanting to be seen as a major success, but those people who played the previous games on PC may find something missing if they play this one on a console, although the improved graphics are likely to counter balance this issue for many people.

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7 thoughts on “MyArcadePlanet talks about Fallout 3

  1. From someone at Meebo:

    MyArcadePlanet’s point is missing a couple important factors — first, that it’s been 9 years since Fallout 2, and second that all of the original creators have moved on to several different companies. Even if the license had gone to Obsidion or Troika, you wouldn’t have had the entirety of the original development team on board. Finally, they don’t seem to realize that not everyone on a development team focuses on graphics. Quest designers for example don’t have anything to do with graphics. The author’s a bit naive, I think.


  2. Another witless person who has no idea of what’s he’s talking about, in what regards the first point… 9 years? So what? Doom has been out for longer and there are still MANY direct clones of it out there. I don’t see a problem in cloning Fallout. Well, actually, I see: I don’t want a clone, I want something better. But when things are simply different, they can’t be considered better or worse, they’re just different. But when those things are supposed to serve a PURPOSE, they ARE worse, just for being different, because they won’t serve the same purpose anymore. They should have been better.

    Just talking about the “9 years since FO2” part… Besides… Well, whatever. Get a clue, whoever you are. OR come here and argue so we all get enlightened.

  3. I appreciate the fact people keep sending me their views through Meebo, in anonymity, but I wish a few started posting in the comments, to spark discussions, even more since most of those that were more optimistic left this place and retreated from other places too, and I wanted to keep all views in public display, to be fair.

    Oh well.

  4. Enable anonymous posting and you might get more people posting comments to articles rather than using Meebo. Not everyone wants to register with wordpress.

    True, but no anonymous comments here, we’ll have to carry on like before.

  5. “True, but no anonymous comments here, we’ll have to carry on like before.” – then don’t complain about anonymous posts in Meebo 🙂

    A clarification:

    I appreciate the fact people keep sending me their views through Meebo

    This shows that I’m not complaining about anonymous messages through Meebo, quite the opposite, that’s why the thing is there, I just wished

    a few started posting in the comments


    This doesn’t seem unreasonable 😦

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