Dtoid: Cityboy Talk


Remember when Emil made some statements about dialog on a 1UP interview, and later had to clarify things up, since it was causing some discomfort throughout the community and even outside? At that time I also wrote about an Aeropause editorial that was a good example of that discomfort.

Well Eliza Gauger from Destructoid brought that editorial back, on a post where she slams both the Bethesda devs and NMA:

I maintain that sequels should never be expansion packs, and that Same Shit, Different Day (SSDD) is a terrible game development model. But as much as I despise the kneejerk, nostalgia-mongering attitude of many gamers when faced with terrifying new additions to their favorite franchises (I’m looking at you, No Mutants Allowed, you bunch of cretins), the fact remains that the retention (or expulsion) of some recurring traits can make or break a sequel. Rewarding or punishing the player for conversational decisions is a fairly major part of intelligent roleplaying games. Particularly Fallout.

Now, Aeropause seems to go a wee bit overboard with their reaction to what is really a small part of a larger, more all-encompassing interview. The interviewee does state that NPCs will be affected by conversation, but doesn’t particularly quantify the statement. I will wait and see. Dubiously. Steepling my fingers and raising one eyebrow.

I assured her I’m not a cretin and Emil already clarified things, so she updated the post now.


3 thoughts on “Dtoid: Cityboy Talk

  1. Oh, by the way, I *am* a cretin myself. I don’t want no mistakes here: I do want more of the same Fallout we had back then. UNLIKE some people that want more of the same twitch based games we have NOW… So I’m surely a cretin, and proud of it.

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