Inside the Vault: Mark Lampert


From the Bethesda Blog:

Today’s Inside the Vault is with Mark Lampert, our sound engineer. Mark actually wrote a team diary on about the sound effects and voice recordings for Oblivion – a great read. Another fun fact: Mark was our first mocap stunt man – in early Fallout builds, it was Mark’s walk and crouch that were in the game.

Clearly things worked out in the end, though, and Oblivion has been the most rewarding project I’ve worked on to date. Shortly afterward came the ‘Knights of the Nine’ expansion/download, and then we went straight into the big expansion, ‘Shivering Isles’. Now we’re all well into ‘Fallout 3,’ which is steadily coming together and gets more exciting week after week. On the surface it looks similar to previous work that I’ve done: an absolutely massive game, chock full of voice acting. But each project is always different and comes with new and unexpected challenges. I’m always learning.[…]

Another big one was ‘Darklands’, from Microprose. That was probably one of the first RPG-inspired games I’ve played, so it sort of opened the door to others. I have fond memories of when I stumbled onto this big path of the game almost by accident, though I later figured out that it was sort of the main quest line. The same thing happened in Fallout, actually. I sort of wandered into the military base by accident and managed to escape off on my own, and I didn’t realize that was possible. I just figured I was going to hear a big monologue by my captor and then be killed, but I made a break for it and had a lot of fun exploring the whole base and ultimately figuring out what it was I needed to do. That was a huge moment for me in that game when I realized the kind of choice I had.

Mark is a good talker and a good professional, we’re safe on that field.


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