GameShark eats Fallout 3


From Gameshark:

We chat with Gavin Carter, Lead Producer of Fallout 3 about the nuts and bolts of this highly anticipated post-nuclear next-gen RPG.

Most readers are surely familiar with the Fallout concept by this point, but sum up for those that may not be so familiar with it, what kind of game you’re designing Fallout 3 to be.

Fallout 3 is post-nuclear role-playing at its next-gen finest. It’s a 1st and 3rd person RPG with themes of survival, sacrifice, player choice, and consequence. The world of Fallout 3 is a destroyed 1950s World of Tomorrow for the player to enjoy, brimming with irony and moral ambiguities. The original Fallout RPGs are among the best pieces of interactive entertainment ever created. We think the series deserves to be back in the RPG limelight and are excited to be the ones tasked with returning it.

The PC version of Oblivion, obviously, was very mod-friendly and there has been enormous support from the gaming community in producing mods that significantly alter how the game plays. To what degree is Fallout 3 for the PC being designed to be just as community friendly?

The data structure of the game as a whole is similar to Oblivion, so theoretically a modding tool in that vein is possible. The issue becomes that it’s actually a fairly significant amount of work and testing to prepare a tool like our editor for public release, as well as making the game work well with mods. We’d love to do it, but just can’t promise it’s going to happen.

Do you think many of the concerns fans of the original Fallout have voiced will be assuaged when they’re able to get their hands on the final product?

That’s the hope of course. As you mentioned, there is quite some time to go before this game is actually out there, and we’ve got a lot more info to reveal in a desperately slow trickle, as we’re (in)famous for. I do believe strongly that we’re making a worthy successor to the originals, and I hope that becomes more and more evident as the Big Picture reveals itself.

What aspects of Fallout 3 are you concerned longtime Fallout fans may not embrace as much as you might hope?

Can I just forward you a list of every feature in the game? I’m sure that for just about every feature you could name that we might consider changing for Fallout 3, you could find someone for whom that feature sums up everything that’s quintessentially Fallout. To give a direct answer, I think VATS is probably the feature that we knew would cause the most stir when we were working on the idea. Doing something that’s relatively new is always a risk. When most people think of turn-based and real-time as opposite ends of the same spectrum (something I disagree with), we knew it would take a while for the message of why we think VATS is a great idea to take root with people.

There’s a lot more in there, go read it now.


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