The Mags Happy Hour


Jeff Green

In the October issue of Games for Windows there’s a piece by Julian Murdoch about Fallout fans, with the mandatory complaints by Jeff Green. I will read it before passing judgments though.

Still in the magazines side Portuguese gaming mag BGamer has a GC Fallout 3 demo article, here’s a rough translation of the introduction:

You can’t hide that we’re on a post-nuclear Oblivion, a mix of a futuristic period full of guns, vehicles and past architecture- something similar to the universe of the old Mad Max series.

The truth is weren’t all the features that sent the last Elder Scrolls to the top of the consoles and PC that we were dying to see in this new Fallout 3?

Er, no, I wanted something different this time,maybe it’s just me.


2 thoughts on “The Mags Happy Hour

  1. It’s not about Fallout fans, from what Julian Murdoch told me, it’s more about the general interaction between fans, the media and the industry in the gaming world. He also told me he liked the piece and it’s not harshing on Fallout fans, but I’ll wait to read it

  2. the only fallout fan it doesn’t harsh on is you. The art accompanying the article is smeagle in a darkened room coveting a golden disc with a vault boy glowing on a monitor in the background.

    I’ll scan it for you later today.

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