Muppets and the Gladiator Soundtrack

The Subversive Puppet Show blogpost I made earlier on had the unexpected result of starting the best discussion on this blog ever. On one corner NMA’s admin Brother None, coming from the inside of the Fallout community:

I can’t really talk for your experiences, but the central point remains. You either recognize and use a dedicated fanbase, which is just common sense marketing, or you scorn and alienate them, which is apparently Bethesda’s style. There’s no either/or and right/wrong question here, the fact is that Bethesda has a group of people generating negative word of mouth against their game, and attempts to vilify and dehumanize the Fallout community asides, it’s simple fact Bethesda has done nothing to fix this. Nada, zilch, no attempts to find rapprochement, no talking to the fanbase, no meeting them halfway anywhere.

Does Bethesda have to? No, but they’re digging their own hole, in a marketing sense and, from a human viewpoint, Bethesda’s arrogance is at least as amusing as that of the fans.

On the other corner s001, someone that comes from outside the community but follows closely the gaming world:

The general feeling from the fan sites is they won’t like the game; that I’m not debating, but how you and all the fans support and discuss the product says if Bethesda makes the right decisions on how they have handled communication with you guys. If they sell a crap load of copies and it’s proclaimed as the greatest game ever, then how relevant are the fan sites to begin with? And if you aren’t relevant then why should they go out of their way for for you?

By the way, I’m not saying you ARE or AREN’T irrelevant, just that the communication with fan sites could mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of how the game sells, or it could mean everything and how that plays out remains to be seen, but you can’t call how they deal with the fan sites a mistake just yet.

Now put your Gladiator soundtrack on, and read the entire thing, it’s really worth it.


3 thoughts on “Muppets and the Gladiator Soundtrack

  1. One comment from someone using Meebo:

    BN says “Bethesda has a group of people generating negative word of mouth against their game” The fact of the matter is that ever since Bethesda said they got the license, that group has been generating negative word of mouth about the game. Since day one. He knows it, you know it, and I’m sure Bethesda knows it too. There’s no dealing with them because they do not have an open mind, and so is anyone really surprised that Bethesda ignores them?

    Is this true, I ask?

  2. Brother None addresses that in the discussion. It’s false, No Mutants Allowed didn’t generate bad word of mouth, although the community may have. That’s only normal, though, since Oblivion has a label with Bethesda’s logo…

  3. Yes, I remember people saying that during the Van Buren days, too. And maybe for Tactics, too? It’s never turned out true, except for Fallout:BoS. Is Fallout 3 like Fallout:BoS, then? Your meebo guest seems to think so.

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