An Angel Gets Its Wings

Everytime Emil Pagliarullo post on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum an angel gets its wings:

The fact that you know who the traitor is and can’t do anything about it, well — I think that’s a totally valid criticism of the Dark Brotherhood. The factions in Oblivion are linear by nature; that was changed up a bit in Shivering Isles, but in the main game, not so much. It’s really just the way the game is structured. There’s so much content in Oblivion, and that content takes so long to create, we really didn’t have the resources to do divergent plotlines or branching factions.

Fallout uses is a different quest structure entirely. Most quests have multiple paths, and are much less straightforward. Depending on the quest, you may be able to do one thing instead of the other, play two NPCs against each other, betray your questgiver. Etc. etc.

In Fallout 3, we’re also making a much greater effort to handle the player killing NPCs, and there are very few unkillable characters. In keeping with the tone of “you do something, you have to live with the consequences,” if you decide to pull a gun on a questgiver and blow his head off, well… that was clearly your decision. So we’ll let you do it. And if a quest fails because of that, so be. So long as we give you feedback that you’ve screwed yourself, we’re fine with that. smile.gif

After that Blinzer asked I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I read posts regarding quests and quests-structures from the official side I begin asking myself how many alternative ways of solving a quest are possible. Two? Three? Up to X? Steve “Mr. SmileyFaceDude” Meister added this:

Why do you think there has to be some hard & fast rule that every quest has to have exactly N solutions? Since Emil’s not giving you an exact number of solutions required per quest, wouldn’t the more logical assumption be “as many as makes sense for the quest?”

When MSFD posts a minion of Pazuzu also gets its wings.


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