Jason and the Bethonauts

A few days ago I made a blogpost about Jason Mical’s take on  public relations in the world of Web 2.0 and word of mouth, with some interesting thoughts and a few examples from the Fallout 3 scene. Jason made an appendix to the the posts after a comment left by Brother None, with some ideas regarding what Bethesda is doing right and what they could do better regarding the PR around Fallout 3:

I’d rather not dwell on what they’re doing wrong, but instead make some (free – my agency might kill me for this) suggestions about what they can do to improve.

  • Engage transparently on their forums. A lot. A community manager should spend 60% – 80% of his time engaging with the community. Even if he isn’t answering questions about Fallout 3, he can be talking to fans about things. Post-nuke books and movies. Wasteland. Shared experiences. Favorite beers. These are the kinds of things that show you’re not a PR stooge, you’re a person.
  • Engage on other sites. Yes this is hard because you won’t be in your own playground anymore, but make accounts on Duck and Cover and NMA. Roll up your sleeves and get into the discussion. Be ready to be called names – this takes a thick skin – but get in there and do eet.
  • Here’s a novel one and Brother None will no doubt enjoy this. Offer to do some guest posts on the Fallout 3 blog. It can’t hurt.
  • Set up a Fallout 3 Twitter. Twitter is now so popular that the White House has a Twitter you can follow. Whether you’d want to is up to you, but you can do it. It’s easy, and it’s a good way to stay in touch.

That’s not a comprehensive list, but this isn’t a new business pitch either so I can’t give away too much for free.

Would this help? You be the judge, check this and more on the Subversive Puppet Show.


3 thoughts on “Jason and the Bethonauts

  1. Nawgh, they are too arrogant to do that. Besides, their “position” hit their head, so if they post, it will be on their forumz, on their blogz, and on their sitez. I’d like to see them posting here or in NMA, they surely would have the opportunity, I believe, but they won’t, for the same reasons I would like them to: they would attract attentions to NMA and this blog, which they don’t want AFAIK. They know people with brains when they see it, and that’s something they want to avoid…

  2. I can’t see any benefits of him posting around on other sites. If he can’t discuss something, he can’t. I am not really interested what books he likes, or what beer he doesn’t like – useless information. I can’t see the value in such acts.

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