Fallout 3 Atomic Ninjas part 4

In late August I reported that No Mutants Allowed got inside the Fallout 3 demo presentations and got a few Q&A sessions with Pete Hines. They went to the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum and replied to questions about their viewing of the Fallout 3 demo. This is the third of a series of blogposts with an edited version of those sessions. You can find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here. Most of the answers on today’s blogpost come from Suaside:

Stupidly unimportant question, but when sneak was activated was there a change in animation, reduced speed?
Obviously change in animation would not be noticeable if the camera was in FPP.

I do believe he went into a crouch (or duck a bit) & slowed down a bit. there was as we mentioned a sneakbar in the middle of the screen.

Was there any mention of Burke being a real estate developer, or was it just a bad joke of one of the other previewers?
Well, it’s only an early demo, maybe it will be fixed in the final game.

No mention of it, but he does kinda look like one (which is what I assume was the previewer’s point)

On the Mr Burke dialogue, would certainly hope that what was reported from the demo: “I represent certain interests”, “Megaton is a blight, want to help me destroy it?” is not the extent of his entreaty (certainly likely to be more, doubt they’d reveal all in the demo). How realistic would your character be to accept such a weak proposition? I’m sure the monetary gain could not be that large, assuming the quest is early in the game (certainly could be invalid), that would break the economy somewhat.

Blowing up a town with a nuke for a pittance does look farfetched…
But I usually play a good guy anyway. Kinda my nature.

Just noticed that you can ask for 500 caps extra, seems caps are in as currency, guess everyone already knew this, but I must have missed it previously.

Already noted many times before.
You can also use the caps as shrapnel on an explosive you can craft (why not use tin cans, sheet metal, lead balls or simple bits of metal instead of currency baffles me…).

Did you see any NPC’s eating or drinking and if so was it a repetitive animation or was it better spaced and more realistic? I did not like the eating and drinking animation much in Oblivion and am just wondering if this has been improved upon. Of course I prefer it present to not present at all, but am in hopes it is done a bit better.

No drinking or eating that I could spot.

It’s late and I’m tired so maybe you mentioned it in the article but if so, I’ve missed it. Did you see the “Slow-Mo” camera action that has been talked about and if so, did it work well? Sounds a bit cheesy to me.

Slow-mo bullet cam on each killshot in VATS as far as I could tell.
Yes, it does get tiresome after a while.
What’s Vault Boy doing in a RobCo product? I don’t know.

Client modified firmware.

Does happen if you buy big batches of stuff.

One thing I don’t understand…
“when you’re talking about supermutants, dialogue really isn’t a viable option”
uh? why? do they speak a different language?

They don’t, because you understand them perfectly when they’re discussing what to do with the ticketbot. “lets rip his arms off!”. Very macho, before being cut to shreds by the ticketbot’s fast firing laser arm.

So they’re capable of conversation, but apparently don’t have the inclination (for now) to engage in dialog with a ‘humie’ (unlike in some very notable cases in FO1 and FO2) .

One thing I don’t see in all this… Did you ask or see what is the difference between aiming in VATS and real Time? Does VATS give you higher percentages to hit? Or any other kind of edge over the RT in terms of precision or damage done. Do you actually have a greater chance of scoring a critical from VATS then from RT or is it basically the same thing since precision and chances to hit are stat reliant?

It is touched in the preview, though it isn’t directly said that both chances are equal.
But anyway, real time and VATS both use dierolls for chances to hit. Doesn’t matter if you poke the mutant’s eye out with your laser rifle and pull the trigger. If your energy weapon skill is 10%, you won’t have much a chance to hit the bloke.
As for advantages of VATS: well, the called shots without actually having to aim in real time, being able to reload in VATS and likely to use a stim in VATS? (though that last one wasn’t shown).
Kharn, you mentioned that your audience wasn’t as receptive as Suicide’s. Do you guys remember any media outlets you shared air with in your respective conferences? Did you ‘mingle’ with your peers?

Reporters in my group were Gamespy, GameInformer and GRY online. I couldn’t read the other people’s badges.
I believe that it was the Gamespy dude who boasted that “he had already seen it 3 or 4 times” (could’ve been one of the Gameinformer dudes though).
Prior to the presentation, I wasn’t really inclined to make contact with the other press (I was mulling over my Q&A questions in my head anyway)
After the 45 minute demonstration, Pete said he would do the Q&A outside, (since the conference room was packed and we could see each other face to face). Most of the press simply walked off with their Fallout 3 t-shirts and didn’t attend the Q&A at all. The 2 guys from GRY Online did ask 2 questions (one of which insightful btw, though I can’t remember the exact question). After that it was my turn (and I asked away!). After that I made room for a tv/video interview.
I was hoping to mingle a bit during and after the Q&A (perhaps make them understand that the fallout fanbase and NMA specifically arent ‘rabid fanboys’), but my peers pretty much vanished into thin air.

I know many people here hate the “if you aim, you can still miss” thing, but if it is handled correctly, like an animation where the creature shrugs it off like their amour absorbed it or make it so the shot visually misses, then it is okay in my book. If it actually visually hits him, like in Morrowind, my opinion is that Bethesda could have done a better job and should have.
Brother None, did you notice if this system is more like what I want, or what Morrowind was?

Sua:His shots with the laser rifle were visual misses, even though he aimed more or less correctly.
Did make it look a lil’ ridiculous though, since he was plastering a wall but not the mutant next to it (he shot like 10 times at least).

One question. Did lasers fire bolts or beams?

Sua: By beam you mean it shots a constant ray?
Nah, in that case it’s a bolt. Best thing I could compare it with are the red laserbolts a StarWars X-wing shoots (though in a mansized format obviously).

BN: Bolts, like the originals.

Do you remember what it sounded like? Did it have Fallout sound effects (the quick hiss of something being fired)? And did the enemy fry and fall to the floor in a pile of ashes?

The sound effect was quiet, but Fallout-like, I think. It didn’t seem to have any special effect on the enemy, they reacted as if hit by bullets, but Bethesda might still be working on that.

This means that once PC targets a body part and goes into RT he will continue to target that exact body part with each new shot?
Without the need of targeting again?

Yes. He didn’t queue any actions with me, that’s to say, I don’t think he put in “target leg, then target head,” but I believe from other descriptions that you can.
Pete Hines was *really* familiar with the controls at this point, so it all happened pretty fast. It’s possible that there’s either an option for “keep targeting head” or that it does this automatically, but in both the ant and the supermutant fight he paused once and the PC kept executing the same command until it had success.


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