Ah! The Memories

So I was reading this at the Escapist:

A former IGN editor is being accused of “journalistic misconduct” over the website’s 2006 review of Prey.

Former IGN editor Doug Perry (currently employed at Gametap), was cited by another former IGN editor as working closely with a publicist at 2K Games on securing a good rating for 2006’s Prey.

And I went to read Perry’s defense, and what others were saying, many of those not happy with him.

These things happen, you are probably thinking why post this now on this blog; the thing is I remembered that name from somewhere, and suddenly I got it! This is the guy that made the FO:BOS preview that caused me almost to have a fit a few years ago!

Just read this:

Take Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for instance. A unique, diehard RPG from Black Isle on the PC in the late 1990s, Interplay is borrowing Snowblind’s superb model for action-adventure games (Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance) and infusing Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel with its visuals, camera angles, and pretty much everything else.

Hardcord RPG fans of the PC game might look at the transition as a sellout, but Interplay likes to see it as a transition, a slight departure, and least for now. One could also see the glass half full. The series has not died with the massive changes seen at Interplay in the last three years, and the company feels confident enough to deliver it to the consoles in a more action-oriented fashion. I’m happy to see it. Plus, I’m not a real big RPG fan, so this rendition makes it far more palatable.[…]It’s got a quicker pace, a stronger emphasis on combat and it’s instantly accessible, all of which are excellent qualities, and frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Add in about 50 missions and 20-25 hours of gameplay, and you’re grooving come this October. In fact, stepping back a bit, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel looks to be one of VU’s more intriguing games of 2003.

So after this I have to join the ranks of those that are suspicious of his conduct 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ah! The Memories

  1. This seems really unfair. I don’t agree with the practice but in a commercial environment this is entirely normal and expected. You should also never trust ANY PREVIEWS from ANYONE* – as a blog covering Fallout 3 you should be well aware of this. They aren’t reviews, they are never impartial and are always stunted by the process of ‘ongoing development’.

    I see nothing wrong here. IGN scored a game higher than it really deserved and didn’t get any of the benefit for doing so. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last.

    *well, those who get paid for the work.

  2. At the time of the development of FOBOS we got on one hand a few mainstream gaming journalists saying one thing, and reports from inside Interplay, particularly from BIS, saying the complete opposite. After a bad experience with GameSpy during the Tactics days, we were beginning to be much more skeptical about previews, and pieces like this one just made most people outright hostile against gaming media in general.

    So I brought this story, that I agree was a bad deal that he made, and everyone at IGN also agrees with that now, because I feel a bit vindicated. There were so many saying I and many others were wrong, and that we should be thankful of having a new Fallout game, even just in name, while we were saying the entire thing stincked, that it feels right to point out that there were things going wrong and we were right about pointing it.

    And yes, we should be weary of previews, but the thing is many potential consumers of any game aren’t, so opening their eyes from time to time is a positive thing, in my view.

    Also, I blame it on Zoidberg too 😉

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