10 nuclear years at NMA

From NMA:

Well, we’ve been dropping hints left and right, and starting some surprisingly silly speculation on our previous thread, but let’s get all that out of the way with the official announcement:

In early October, 1997, thousands of discs were being churned out by a nondescript factory. The discs were not quite as nondescript, as they contained a game that is still being hailed today as one of the greatest cRPGs of all time. This…is Fallout. Now, 10 years later, No Mutants Allowed (also around 9 years of age) and others are bringing you some stuff to reminisce over. Pictures, talks, docs. Everything short of Harold’s head.

Although today is just “announcement day”, we’ll start off good and proper anyway.

Chris Taylor brings you the Mr Handy design doc, a small little scribble from the days of Fallout GURPS. And yes, indeed, mr Taylor is not an artist. You can download the original .doc here.

No Mutants Allowed presents: Fallout’s 10th anniversary is something I’m going to cover, plenty of great stuff for Fallout fans is coming our way. Ten years already?


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