Fallout 3 Atomic Ninjas part 3


In late August I reported that No Mutants Allowed got inside the Fallout 3 demo presentations and got a few Q&A sessions with Pete Hines. They went to the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum and replied to questions about their viewing of the Fallout 3 demo. This is the third of a series of blogposts with an edited version of those sessions.

I’d imagine they’ll give Perception more skills, since with the real time system it’s losing Sequence.

Perception heavily influences VATS and I think influences to-hit percentages (which operate in RT too) already, so it’s not losing much.

I only saw the skill screen for a split second. I *think* I saw all the gun skills, unarmed, melee, speech, barter, science and repair, but I’m very unsure.

Stupidly unimportant question, but when sneak was activated was there a change in animation, reduced speed?
Obviously change in animation would not be noticeable if the camera was in FPP.

Camera was FPP, so I don’t know. I think the PC slowed down a bit, don’t remember how much.
Pete had an easy time of it sneaking past the supermutants. Might’ve been a buffed up sneak skill, too

The whole cannibal thing was bad enough. This reminds me, I think I forgot one thing. Time to check my notes…

Oh yeah, two other stats that showed up besides “corpses eaten:”
unique weapons created” (or “crafted,” my handwriting got a bit scribbly there)

Stupid I forgot to note that down. Oh well, consider it a Bethesda forums exclusive.

The Agility one was in the PipBoy screenshot.

Welll ooohoooohoooh, ladiedaaadie…

So it was. Totally forgot.

Nonetheless, endurance? Totally unintended. Just like corpses eaten or dismemberments.

Does this mean that entities that are not part of a scripted event have NO perception of the event?

Pretty much. So heavily limited RAI in the demo.

Was there any mention of Burke being a real estate developer, or was it just a bad joke of one of the other previewers?

None that I remember

Anyway, Brother None, during the demo did you notice any instances of bartering? Also, what did the inventory look like? More like Fallout or more like Oblivion?

No instances of bartering.

I’m not sure I saw the inventory. I saw one screen in which Pete Hines flipped between different weapons (two Chinese assault rifles and a hunting rifle), which was a PipBoy interface screen; just lines of text for the weapon, and as you choose them you’ll see Vault Boy equipped with them on the right hand side* plus the stats (not a lot of ‘em, definitely simplified).

The interface he used to use stimpaks looked similar. Not pictures of the items, like in the Fallout interface, but just descriptions and use. This might’ve just been a quick interface, tho’

* what’s Vault Boy doing in a RobCo product? I don’t know.

On the Mr Burke dialogue, would certainly hope that what was reported from the demo: “I represent certain interests”, “Megaton is a blight, want to help me destroy it?” is not the extent of his entreaty (certainly likely to be more, doubt that reveal all in the demo).

That’s not the extent of his entreaty in the demo either; he goes on for about 12+ lines of dialogue.

How realistic would your character be to accept such a weak proposition? I’m sure the monetary gain could not be that large, assuming the quest is early in the game (certainly could be invalid), that would break the economy somewhat.

He doesn’t appeal to anything but your sense of greed and gaining browny points with the group he represents (which he does not identify)

Just noticed that you can ask for 500 caps extra, seems caps are in as currency, guess everyone already knew this, but I must have missed it previously.

Yip, caps as currency. Was known, tho’


5 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Atomic Ninjas part 3

  1. Caps as currency huh? I bet most people don’t know why caps WERE currency in Fallout 1… -_- I *bet*.

    FOPOS had caps as currency, and, though I didn’t play it, I think it was more of a selling point than anything else. Or a point that you could see as “sticking” to the originals… How’s this now?

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