MYSTARY! is solved


From NMA, in the words of Brother None:

Oh, for Frith’s sake.

The post-card was originally from 30 days before the release of Fallout (which was in early October 1997, not as Wikipedia and even this site says in late September). It is a very clever reference to the fact that this date will soon be 10 years ago.

Now there’s a banner splattered over the frontpage that reads “No Mutants Allowed presents Fallout’s 10 year anniversary” and it’s somehow still unclear?

NMA is doing *something* surrounding the 10 year anniversary. Gduh. More details to follow. Speculate if you will.[…]

Ok, maybe the build-up is a bit too much. That’s all your fault, though, I didn’t expect you guys to start shouting “finished Van Buren” or “Fallout source code” with this note. Jeesh, guys, we’re not miracle workers here, tone down your expectations a bit Neutral

Well, it took us long enough to scrape together what we have, so keep your boos to yourself for at least a month, willya Wink

I will for sure, much Fallout sweetness is coming. Be sure to check TheVault too, they also got new stuff.


7 thoughts on “MYSTARY! is solved

  1. I was planning on cracking open a beer. (I probably would have done that anyways but I’ll go for the Miller High Life to celebrate… it’s the champagne of beers, you know?)

  2. I’m planning to cover all the events by NMA, but now I noticed: they are calling it an anniversary… Well, I guess it’s fitting, but I’ll call it “In Memoriam Fallout”. Makes better sense to me…

  3. I still have a bizarre allergy to something you find in grapes and raisins, and in most alcoholic drinks, so making a toast isn’t easy these days.

    So I need some stout, it doesn’t cause dangerous swallows, the rest I can take it.

    The banner at NMA is from the actual concept art made for the screen we all know, isn’t it?

  4. @ Brother None.

    Whine binge? Not at all, it’s just that, although a game never dies (it’s not alive), I can’t see no “life” coming from it (inside the sequel, that is) in the future. Fallout died, back in 2003 when Van Buren was canceled. All the other attempts to revive it were proven futile. Don’t fool yourself with empty words such as that. You may remember Fallout, you may play Fallout, you may mod it and talk about it, but what good is it if there’s no hope of seeing another one, even more when those who made it are off the scene?!

    Yeah, “in memoriam” is better fitting. I don’t know what a requiem is, and I surely don’t want to aggravate the drama Bethesda is making. Bethesda is the drama queen here, not the fans… or me, for that matter.

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