Fallout 3 Atomic Ninjas part 2


In late August I reported that No Mutants Allowed got inside the Fallout 3 demo presentations and got a few Q&A sessions with Pete Hines. They went to the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum and replied to questions about their viewing of the Fallout 3 demo. This is the second of a series of blogposts with an edited version of those sessions.

So let’s see what SuAside and Brother None had to say:

I’m 85% sure the 38 character limit is history. Thank Frith for that.

I liked the sound and look of speech mechanics. I’ll have to see more, tho’, a lot was left unclear. Too little speech in the demo.

I’m still not swayed by the whole THE SUPERMUTANTS ARE ORCS thing, as the old ones were basically shrek meets a hardware store.
It’s a tough one. I guess I’m too allergic for generic looks, and this was just too generic for me.

I do not completely understand this bit. I loved the floating texts in Fallout, will this be similar or different (or completely different, nonexistent)?
I also can’t remember the greeting text in Oblivion, so if someone can explain in detail or give examples.

Well, floating texts in Fallout’s had more of a filler or single reply purpose. It didn’t happen (often) that you would walk up to someone and he’d go “come here, I’d like to talk to you,” this happens here. While you’re walking up to the sheriff, he starts talking about Vault 101 and your jumpsuit. You can then chose to initiate dialogue, he doesn’t. I remember Oblivion doing the same.

Since we still have no official screenshots of ladies in Fallout 3, what was your impression of her looks?
She was covered in plated armor with most of her head covered too. So “no impression.” Her face was just a face, not noticeably female from my memory, but better-looking than Oblivion

And the random floating texts (from bums and such) are replaced by speech or are they present?

No floating text. They’re talking, RAI-Oblivion style. Examples include the people in Megaton carrying on a conversation I couldn’t quite catch, the guy praying to the unexploded nuke and the man and woman in Moriarty’s bar

So not even in the demo did they show any women, properly *sigh* shrug.gif

Well, I *think* one of the NPCs chatting in Megatron was a woman, and one of the NPCs in Moriarty’s bar definitely was, but I didn’t get a close look at either, I was scribbling.

I’m especially curious about AI and how ‘far’ they got in programming it yet after the desciption of some of the gameplay.

Depends on what AI. A lot of events looked scripted to me. Combat AI was sloppy according to SuAside (I wasn’t paying attention to that)

If I read it right the Nukepult did damage but ‘seemingly’ no area damage?

The BoS also took no notice of standing in/near the blast radius of an exploding car. I think something was wrong with their damage reaction, period. Maybe they were just immortal for sake of the demo.

And you saw shooting with projectile weapons and with laser – anything else? And did the effects differ? (When hitting a target)

Hunting rifle, Chinese assault rifle, laser gun, Fatman. That’s all you see the PC use, NPCs also bite (ants) and swing with super sledges and a fire hydrant.
I did not see the effects or death animations differ (the Behemoth appeared to have a separate, special death animation). Laser didn’t have a different effect from bullets that I could see.
I do remember seeing one supermutant reach for his right shoulder with his left hand after being hit there in slow motion.

So is the behemoth a USA (Ultra Super Mutant) or is it something different? (from what I have seen from the behemoth, i find them “better” looking then the SM, or atleast having more character and more buffed like the original ones)

The Behemoth is unexplained beyond being “the super mutant endboss”

He uses a fire hydrant for a weapon and keeps a shopping cart on his back to stuff corpses in, so I guess he might be a less intelligent, brutal type. But it’s left unexplained.
He did indeed look quite cool, and pretty “different”. (SuAside disagrees and thinks he looked bad, but I liked him, somewhat, I just hated the way he was introduced).

The Behemoth looks more like an experiment gone horrible wrong. Like they injected someone with massive amounts of BuffOut and then dumped him into FEV vats.

You made your way from the Vault to one town, to/through the subways and into the ‘city’ itsself.
All done on foot or was there some kind of transportation in the subway?
I mean did it give you a sense of scale of the world?

All is on foot. I believe another interview already stated the subways don’t work, and from the look of it I’m not surprised, most tracks have rubble on them and all remaining trains are wrecked, not to mention the metro tunnels are mutant territory. I think the entire game is on foot.
Nope, no sense of scale. The point from the Vault exit through Sprinvale through Megaton was pretty dense, and that might be like that in the final version, but from there the build kind of “cheats” and teleports the PC from location to location rather than walking the entire distance. At least that’s the impression I got, you seem a lot farther from Megaton (at least a mile or 5) than the PC walked in the tunnels.


I’m glad you asked (and Gizmo, too).
Really good, actually. Someone at Bethesda must’ve paid attention to La Jetee, and the whole idea of “implied motion in still images.”

It’s a lot like the Fallout intro in that sense. After the teaser we all know, during Perlman’s talk (which sounds better than it reads, though he pauses too much, which detracts from it as a whole), you see brown-tinted black and white images. First pure stills (skeletons, tombstones), then the actual nuclear war, with vague implications of movement and actual movement (of mushroom clouds in the distance).
It worked very well, though it didn’t have the impact of the originals (probably because I was too prepared for it). The timing is good, it’s just slightly stretched out. Like I said, too much pausing.

Is there any of those lovely grainy camera shots or pipboy cartoons like in the first Fallout’s? I always loved that style.

You mean Vault Boy. Careful there or you will feel my NERD RAGE
But no, no Vault Boy, at least not in the style of “instructional video” of Fallout 2.
They seem to have replaced the idea of grainy camera shots with weathered postcards. It’s a different visual style, but they transfer similar ideas and it works about equally well.

And the last question for the night from me, did you see what any other stats besides agility do? They seem to have changed up what the stats are responsible for quite a bit from what we’ve seen of the agility screenshot.

Yeah, Endurance, as written in the preview:
Endurance influences HPs, resistances and the big guns and unarmed skills.
Note that since agility influences small guns, endurance big guns and unarmed, strength can be assumed to influence melee (and maybe also big guns and unarmed?) and I have no idea what influence energy weapons.
Yeah, they made a lot of changes. I’ll need more details to see what kind of changes, but so far it seems to make a modicum of sense. This is a good way of making endurance more useful and nerfing the overpowered agility.
PS: oh yeah, and perception. Note perception doesn’t “let you see through walls,” perception just determines how many NPCs are tagged as “within visual range” when in VATS mode. Oddly enough, yes, with high perception “within visual range” does include people behind walls. Makes some sense if you count hearing under perception too (and smell, for mutants)


One thought on “Fallout 3 Atomic Ninjas part 2

  1. Don’t count to ANY skill being affected by more than one stat. This is Oblivion 2, remember? Not Fallout anymore. So Big Guns is Endurance and that’s it. Strength will probably play no part in it…

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