New Inside the Vault: Daniel Lee


And let’s meet Dan Lee, the last developer featured on the Bethblog Inside the Vault series:

What’s your job at Bethesda?

I’m an Environment Artist. Since I’ve been here I’ve made models varying from teal mushroom trees to utility poles and electricity pylons. Or as Mr. Todd Howard once said “things that reach into the sky”. In addition to that I will also handle some of the fonts used throughout our games.[…]

What is it like working there?

The people are great and it’s quite an opportunity to be able to work on AAA titles. Plus, working underground means that we’ll be shielded from the brunt of a nuclear blast.

How many games do you own, including game systems? What was the first system you ever owned?

I own 782 games, two NES’s, a Super NES, a Genesis with Sega CD and 32X attatchments, a Sega Nomad, a GameBoy Pocket, a Sega Saturn with VCD card, two Nintendo64s, five Dreamcasts, two PlayStation 2s, two Gamecubes (both with Broadband Adapters and one with a GameBoy Player, a GameBoyAdvance Sp, a Nintendo Ds, a Nintendo DS Lite, two Xbox 360s, a Wii, and a PC. I tried to put that in chronological order based on memory, apologize if I’m wrong. My first game console was the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

Just look at his gaming storage, nice:


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