Sua on the Fallout3 demo


SuaSide from NMA, one of the intrepid ninjas that saw the Fallout 3 demo and lived to tell what they saw, dropped by this blog and answered a very long set of questions made by Gimli about VATS, melee and combat in general:


Pete queued up to 3 aimed shots in my demo. I believe the last actions weren’t necessary though, since if i recall correctly the target was dead by that time. However, it is possible to queue a lot of stuff, but I haven’t seen how that plays out if they are all needed. (it also should be noted that Pete queued a reload in VATS while Todd said only aimed shots are taken in VATS. this could be interpreted in many ways, i guess.)

We’ve seen no melee combat at all, so we can’t answer anything about that. I dont believe Pete knew the answer to our melee questions. I don’t think it has been implemented yet in any other way than how Oblivion used to work. So they’ll need to adapt it to VATS before answering any questions about it.

Thanks for your time SuaSide.


7 thoughts on “Sua on the Fallout3 demo

  1. Oh, you mentioned my name. I feel so famous. I’d like to thank the academy and… *weeps* my mom and dad… *starts crying uncontrollably*

    On a more serious note, something I wanted to ask before but forgot. What has happened to critical misses? Will they be implemented for both VATS and RT? I can’t imagine critical misses in RT to be honest. It’s not that you can’t have it, it’s just that you’d have to give the player some feedback, so he would know when something happens. It was easy with the message box in the original, but now…
    … OK I read again what Todd Howard had said about combat and I am quite positive it won’t be in there, at least not in the way it was in the original. He says that they do not calculate chance to hit for RT and roll dice against it, which implies that there won’t be critical misses, because how are you going to get them if you don’t calculate anything in the first place? I am guessing that for RT they are using something else to determine where the bullets go. While I never asked anyone, it would be logical to use an imaginary cone for this. Yes, it sounds silly, but read on. The side planes of the cone define the borders of where the bullets can go. They can go anywhere inside that cone, but not outside. I hope this is clear enough, it would be easier on a piece of paper (or a 3D program). Anyway, it could be implemented in VATS, but I’m not sure how everything would balance out.

  2. Gimli… You were famous already… Yes, son of Gloin! Your father was one of the mighty dwarven adventurers that traveled with Bilbo on his glorious quest for treasure!

    No, really, it isn’t your real name, is it? õ_Ô

  3. Haha, no, it isn’t. It came when I wanted to join the first forum I ever posted on. I wanted to register with Aragorn, but someone had already taken it, and I couldn’t think of anything better at the time. I hated it for a long time, but then said “oh what the heck, who cares”, and it stuck. When someone’s already registered with that on a forum, I use Dancing Muton. I doubt anyone else thought of that, so it’s pretty unique, and you can be sure it’s me. 😛

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed critical failures on weapons (except when the weapon’s durability is 0 of course), since having your weapon blow up, fall or unload the magazine “isn’t fun”.

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