Fallout 3 Special


Thanks go to Ausir for pointing me out in the direction of the new Fallout 3 page at, the official Microsoft site for all things XBox and XBox360.

Strangely it features a bit of art from Defonten, the author of the pic that you can see on the banner at this blog and an artist that Bethsoft once refused his application to work there.

It also talks about the game being a two player game, when no cooperative was what I thought was established by now. I’ll look into it a bit more, maybe things have changed.


6 thoughts on “ Fallout 3 Special

  1. Bethsoft didn’t want the legal hassle of going into the bureaucratic process of having someone from Azerbaijan coming to the States.

    Still it was shame, even more because they accepted eastern Europe people before, for instance the nice Vault Boy pictures you can see on the official site were made by a talented Russian girl that works for them.

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