GamerDad needs help


Off topic now, just saw this at GamerDad, posted by Linda “GamerMom” Denison Bub:

On Saturday September 1st, Andrew Bub – the GamerDad, and my husband – suffered a heart attack. An anterior wall Myocardial Infarction to be exact. On Sunday the 2nd, he had an additional MI and on Labor Day he endured a Quadruple Bypass operation, which saved his life. He’s been in the hospital ever since and dearly misses his children, his website, and all of you – his readers. Here’s how you can help.

His wonderful volunteer GamerDads, Moms, brothers, and sisters have kept GamerDad and his blog Game Sanity Blog going for close to two weeks now.

I’m the GamerMom and I’ve never been much of a gamer myself, I do love gaming with my kids (“Gaming with Children”) and admire what Andrew is trying to do. He believes so strongly in using videogames as learning tools, social enhancers, and in providing parents with the most accurate information possible, I don’t mind that he’s basically sacrificed his writing career to do. He’s got the vision – I pay the bills.

Over the past four years GamerDad has published so much. Look over the site, loads of game reviews, and countless other articles about gaming. He’s appeared as a spokesman, and in countless newspapers, magazine articles, and radio programs defending gaming with your kids – or at least that being involved is means good parenting. But he’s never written an article directly asking for your help.

UPDATE: Andrew (GamerDad) needs more surgery. He’ll probably be going under the knife again Friday morning. Wish us luck, and pop in a few extra quarters. We need all the Extra Lives we can get!

If you can do take a look on how you can help, as a gamerdad myself it’s the least I can do to help.


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