Follow up


Regarding the issues brought on this previous blogpost things are a bit clear now.

First there’s this old quote from Emil Pagliarulo:

”Absolutely not” to multiplayer

Of course this can change in the future, we’ll see.

Now regarding the use of Defonten art Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff also straights things up:

But yeah, we’ve let MS know that changes need to be made.

Let’s hope resolves everything in a timely fashion.

One last note to say that in the same topic on the Bethesda Games Studio forum Mlk asked if this picture is representative of what the Fallout 3 box will look like, here’s the answer by Gstaff:

That may be final, it may not, but that’s what we’re going with currently so retailers have something they can use.



3 thoughts on “Follow up

  1. Guess that it’s all single-player…
    Have you checked Hellgate London? Its not out yet , it does have the multiplayer option to do the quests online with other people.

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