Falloutmods wiki


Ausir from TheVault (Fallout Wikia) announced on this blog a few hours ago that there will be a new wiki :


Speaking of The Vault, I’ve just opened the Vault-Tec Labs, a wiki dedicated to Fallout series modding (modding documentation and tutorial, mod and tool database etc.)


It might have a potential especially if Bethesda releases a Fallout 3 construction set.

It’s an excellent idea, but remember Emil’s words regarding the availability of a construction set:

We don’t know yet – we’re discussing it. It is something we’ve done for Oblivion, but this doesn’t automatically mean we’ll do the same for Fallout. The truth is, preparing such tools takes a lot of time, and this is time lost to production of the actual game. We shall see.


Good luck Ausir.


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