Inside the Vault: Mike Lipari


New Inside the Vault feature at the Bethsoft, this time with Mike Lipari:

What’s your job at Bethesda?

I’m a Senior Programmer and the Systems Group Lead. Which is an official way of saying I fix stuff when its broke.

What would you say is your personal greatest game of all time?

Oblivion. I still find myself hooked on occasion. I start it up to look at a bug in GOTY and find myself sneak shotting bandits just to see their corpses tumble over ledges. If we let nostalgia factor in though, then its probably Contra 3 on the SNES. Back in the day I’d beat it in one man, starting on easy and working up through hard while using only the basic gun, just to kill time.

Is the master file currently up or down?

The master file is up. At least until Jon Paul checks in…



4 thoughts on “Inside the Vault: Mike Lipari

  1. CONTRAAA, one of the all time best gameseries. Another good one is Double Dragons, I just love sidescrolling coop. Those were the days 🙂 Enough time spent on nostalgia back then. Nowdays I don’t play as much, maybe it is due growing up, and my demands are higher for a game.

  2. No surprise you (all) barely play these days. Barely anything is worth looking into. What? Halo 3? 10.000 stores open for 0:00 am launch? Neat… -_- Pff.

    No, serious, are you really surprised you barely play?

    Back on topic, that guy needs to find a better looking keyboard. The desk looks nice, but the keyboard :\ Reminds me of my old IBM with Windows 3.06 or something.

    Also, he things oblivion is the greatest game of all time because bandits fall over ledges… Physics are that awesome. The guy surely never played F.E.A.R.. Multiplayer with a 10mm Perforator?! Physics rock man, it’s so lovable to see our enemies pinned on the trees or walls or even the ceiling! Much better than Oblivion. At least it’s not slow motion. Yeah, F.E.A.R. is sure better a game than Oblivion.

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