Another Fallout 3 Spanish article


Thanks to Brother None for pointing out that I missed another Spanish preview of Fallout 3, this time from Meristation:

Una canción típica de la década de los setenta arranca y en la pantalla aparece una ciudad que poco a poco va demostrando estar en ruinas. La cámara retrocede y entra en su campo de vision un soldado metálico, armado e inseguro, cuando la voz en off narra fríamente “La Guerra nunca cambia”.

The song isn’t from the seventies, of course. The author of the piece brings Bioshock as a comparision to the Fallout 3 atmosphere, says Burke looks like the G-Man of Half Life, and calls the game an action roleplaying game that is an explosive mix of Oblivion with Half Life2.

You can find more articles like this on the NMA Media Page.


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