Toilet talk


Ross Atherton on PCGamer “This is hardcore” section:

‘Some disgruntled forum inhabitants at have been wallowing in their own misery since finding out details of Bethesda’s plans for Fallout 3. They’re moaning about not being able to kill children and whether drinking from toilet bowls should be a feature. The subtext seems to be that because Fallout 3 doesn’t look like the first two games then it is somehow evil. Here’s an example of the posts on the forums.
“If half of the previers had any Fallout experience, we would’ve seen the occasional negative preview. As it stands, there isn’t one. Not one from anyone that was there to witness the demo.” Speaking as someone with plenty of Fallout experience, I loved what I saw. No conspiracy: a great demo of a promising RPG.
Fortunately for anyone who’s determined that RPGs must not progress into first-person 3D, there are still games like Age of Decadence (pictured). It’s post-apoclauptic, it eschews magic and it’s indie. It’s a game predicated on social interactions, cause and effect and plenty of dialogue options; it’s pretty low-tech, but has plenty of features, such as the action-point based combat, that old school roleplayers will probably find comfortingly familiar. Try for more.’

Spotted this not very well thought piece on RPGCodex (thanks BUMBUMBOOMBOOM, nice nick) and thanks to Brother None at NMA.

Age of Decadence is indeed looking good.


4 thoughts on “Toilet talk

  1. Low tech? I guess it’s a bit relative. Sure doesn’t look like Gears of War or Crysis, but it’s very beautiful from the ss I’ve seen so far. And the video. From my eyes, of course.

  2. Gotta hand it to PCGamer for doing such extensive research, quoting new guys with a handful of posts and saying they represent the community, amiright?


    Professional journalism down the shitter again. (was that toilet humour? “lulz”)

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