Emil at Gamereactor


There’s a large interview with Emil Pagliarulo at Gamereactor, some points from it compiled at Duck and Cover:

*New example for choices and consequences: you meet a little kid in the wasteland, the question is what do you do with the kid?*Everytime you fire a gun, the shots are determined by your skills.

*Emil says he`s very proud of the rad scorpions in Fallout 3.

*The game will feature old robots (Mr. Handy etc.) and a bunch of new ones.

*He says the Deathclaw definitely won`t be a furry Deathclaw.

*”Flaming sword” with gasoline

You should watch it for yourself, the kid part is intriguing.

Spotted at Duck and Cover.


5 thoughts on “Emil at Gamereactor

  1. the kid part sounds like it might turn into a terrible escort mission. NO MORE ESCORT MISSIONS. I’ll let the little shit rot in the wasteland if I can’t cap him myself. 🙂 ❤

  2. The whole…

    Everytime you fire a gun, the shots are determined by your skills

    …part is a huge steaming pile of shit in my opinion. They’ll naturally spin this as some kind of Fallout extravaganza when in fact it’s a mainstay of the Morrowind and Oblivion engines (to much disgust). I remember all the hurried modifications to try and make Oblivion playable as an archer (amongst other things).

    Yes, skill’s should play a part in any game but not in this negative manner which can easily destroy the players level of immersion. It’s like meticulously lining up a shot with a sniper rifle and then as you hit the individual in the head expecting it to fly off (as they tend to in games) what actually happens is that they are no more than stunned by the attack and continue to deal out death and destruction.

    What they should be doing is making it difficult to get the shot and having ‘skill’ points or whatever help in making it easier – i.e in the example I gave having greater sway from your gun (etc).


  3. or, you know, a firing sector similar to Full Spectrum Warrior and let people aim manually with scopes/iron sights for sniping with skill dictating damage/the enemies dodge roll

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