There’s a new Portuguese magazine called Hype! , with columns by Kotaku’s Brian Crecente and Brian Ahcsraft, former main editor of Edge Magazine João Diniz Sanches (he’s from the city I live in) and our well known Kieron Gillen that had this comment:

I just wrote my first column for a Portuguese gaming magazine. Poor Portugal.


Anyway they have a small blurb about Fallout 3:

The post-apocalyptic environments and the complex narrative of the Fallout series games granted them a faithful foundation of fans. They are players that fill Internet for, with their almost philosophical discussions about the first two chapters. Bethesda is playing with gamers anxiety and keeping the details of the game in secret[sic].

They just announced that the game will take place on the East Coast of the U.S., and will keep the somber atmosphere that characterizes the series. About gameplay, the authors already warned that it will be different from the previous games.

Ok then, good luck to Hype!, I bring this here mostly because they dedicated the first issue to a group of readers from their previous magazine and forum, and on that list you can find RPGCodex and Ludonauta’s Role Player and megascore.biz Morbus, both readers and commentators on this blog. Força na verga aos dois, those are my wishes.


10 thoughts on “Hype!

  1. Hehe, thanks brios 😉

    I may add that the text they published about FO3 was probably written BEFORE E3 (or even before the first previews), because the first issue has been under development for a long time. They say they “only” released that info (the one they talk about), but it was probably a mistake or something…

    Anyway, the magazine looks very very nice and has some awesome pieces of text right there. Portuguese only, of course…

    (I’ll also use this opportunity to say Role-Player is a very nice guy! A gente vê-se em breve Diogo…)

  2. Just FYI (a bit late perhaps), and so that you don’t think “Hype!” really stands for “hype”, here’s the cover:

    It reads “ZX Spectrum – Next Generation”. Unhypy to say the least huh? 🙂

  3. I was at the launch party. I, and a few other gamers there were expecting a more casual ambience, with a lot more focus on gaming, the journalists and the whole medium but it turned out to be a somewhat disappointing event since it was clear most people there were not for the games but for another social event where some stuck up heirs to fortunes they never had to fight for get to be photographed by paparazzis – and hey, what’s that Tetris thing I keep hearing about?

    However, it was worth it to be around the old MegaScore “gang” and to briefly talk with the journalists. It’s just too bad it wasn’t really more about the games.

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