Impressive day


Well slow day for news and gossip, so it seems. Still let me point you to demo Fallout 3 demo article, in case you know how to read German (thanks RPGWatch).

Also the No Mutants Allowed Steam community was opened to the public today (thanks Mikael Grizzly), and there’s a new 1Up Fallout 3 club created by Unknowndrifter, with some fanmade stuff:

lunchbox360.jpg xbox330.jpg

Also Gstaff had this anouncement on the Bethblog:

On June 5th — three months ago today — fans may recall seeing the above image on our website – that is, when our servers weren’t crashing in anticipation of the teaser trailer.

Well, everyone’s seen the above trailer now, or so it seems. Today I got word that the trailer has been viewed more than 2 million times off our website (over 1.8 million downloads) and through Xbox Live (over 250K downloads). That doesn’t include YouTube views or downloads off of all the other sites that hosted the trailer.

To put it in context, in the first five months that we hosted the Oblivion teaser trailer, 800,000 views took place. So the Fallout 3 trailer has been viewed more than twice as many times in about half the time. Impressive…most impressive.

More than impressive, visceral!


2 thoughts on “Impressive day

  1. are they including the hits of the people that tried to watch it when the counter ticked down to zero and the video never loaded on their site? I bet that upped their hits too. 🙂

    the current poll is disconcerting. People have favorite Star Trek films? ugh.

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