Isn’t in the crater


There are a few places where questions about Megatron have been asked, after reports like this one, from the NMA Fallout 3 demo review:

“Megaton was built in the crater of an unexploded nuclear bomb” raises the question of how an unexploded bomb would leave a crater.

Now PCGamer Desslock explains what’s up with that:

It doesn’t. The town was created around the impact crater of an unexploded bomb (which is in the center of the town) – the town isn’t IN the crater.

This game is too far away if this is all there is to talk about.

I don’t understand why Bethesda doesn’t send some notes explaining these small issues, it would really help.


9 thoughts on “Isn’t in the crater

  1. That’s not explained in the demo. There is no visible “small” impact crater of the bomb with a “larger” flat town around it. Not sure if Desslock is just making assumptions there, but my quote is word-for-word from Pete Hines, his is unexplained.

  2. Yeah, Pete was sick and very tired at the time, that can explain it. Still there are other places mentioning the city inside the crater, but Desslocks’s explanation is closer to what I understood from the first demo previews.

  3. It’s not a direct quote, though. It useless unless he explains where he got it from. Did Todd say that? Did he see it? Or is he just assuming it?

    The vague lines between those threes is exactly what sucked about older previews, and Desslock is doing the same thing here. Without citing a source or explaining where he got it from, his statement is useless.

  4. Behold The Icon-ed Grail

    Briar killzig: “”… Maybe they even gave him hands on.””

    A straight line so prophetic, shouts for the ”ready” response!

    [x hours later … 4too awakes.]

    Desslock is the B-soft designated ”cup holder”,
    “”hands on””, the bearer of the FO3 coffee cup.

    ”First to see, first to believe, first to describe FO 3!”

    Hands on? Well a caffeinated hell YES!

    {– Equip … the … mug. — }

    [ All sing ]
    One mug, One SPECIAL mug,
    One mug to spy in and define the refined grind in,
    ONE MUG, that’s the way it should BE!

    Mug: The proscribed vessel of *official U-S-D-A * self medicating elixirs!

    Eyes opened, pulse quickened, poured to Calamity’s brim with the dehydrating pow-er of vitamin ”P–e”.

    The Cup Holder divines the mud at mug’s bottom.

    Desslock likens the whole crater’s hole to the town square for out lying Megaton.

    Perhaps his observation made, Brother None could ‘spot’ the Mug Bearer his point,
    until a duly designated B-soft mouth piece, emotes the call.

    Perhaps our very own favorite ‘Son Of The Morning’,
    Biblically outed by the Codex as “”The Father Of Lies””,
    the one, the only, master of demo machinations, Mister Pete Hines
    will ban the flames, and clear the smoke for just one more peak of enticement.

    BN for your due … diligence, due diligent … militance.


    Brother None, Briar killzig, and Briar Briosa’ anticipate the award of Carmel clusters with chocolate drops at next convenient coffee clutch.

    Salute: Here’s mud in your eyes … {6 a.m. expresso quaffed, bottom’s up}.


  5. Just enough, more or less the same as gaming journalists and a few more details, in order to make form an educated opinion about the game.

    It’s the first Fallout RPG in nine years, people should be cautious, it’s only natural, and the right amount of info can only help.

  6. just reported what we heard & saw.

    and Megaton is kinda built in a hole btw, though it doesnt have to be a crater (even if we were told it wasand if the nuke was right smack in the middle of it). it is to be noted however that there was a sewer/metro grate that Pete used to access the subway and that was intact, so that would point at the crater not being ‘bombed’ but pre-existing (or just bad design).

  7. It is still bit early, we now know that it is not like the previous two. That is enough for me, so I will wait and see how it turns out to be in the end.

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