Nukes on the Newsletter


The Bethesda Softworks Newsletter was released, bringing no awards from Leipzig, as expected, talking about the review of the Fallout 3 demo, completely in Polish, the review at Electric Playground:

If you asked me what the ultimate RPG looked like, I’d probably put two requirements at the top of my list: a world like Oblivion, and the character system of Fallout.

Welcome to Fallout 3.

And this hilarious piece from TenTonHammer:

I came in with a few reservations about where the game could be headed, and I came out with the biggest grin on my face. The best way to describe Fallout 3 can be summed up in this way:Fallout 3 is Oblivion on steroids. With nukes.

Seems Brother None is more alone in not calling the game Oblivion with guns.


4 thoughts on “Nukes on the Newsletter

  1. is not a good source, it belongs to one of the biggest polish game publisher. It is just a one big advert of theirs games. And F3 will be released by their rivals 🙂

    If it was CDProjekt to release F3, they would be all like “oh my God, true sequel!!!!111”


  2. Well, this time theyve written, that this game is going to be hit. The last picture is from toilet of one polish national rail train 🙂

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