Gary likes Jones


Remember the backlash after the Lead Character Artist on Fallout 3 Josh Jones remark that he never played a Fallout game?

Well Gary “VXSS” Noonan commented in the blogpost in defense of Jones:

I am one of the Bethesda Fallout nutjobs and I work quite close with Josh on a daily basis in the animation dept. Him, having not played the previous Fallout titles has not in any way hampered the animation team, or any other cells of art production.

There are tons of job titles in the game art prison. Lead Character Artist is not the same as Character Animator, Conceptual Artist, Character Modeler, or overall Lead Artist. Josh is a tier in the design team. His duty is to keep the flow of the animation team smooth and on track and to oversee character models go from concept to model to animated actor…. while dabbling in some animation. And besides, without him around, I would stand around staring at the mocap system scratching my head. His technical skills with the tools we use are most useful and appreciated.

Now, if you will…. cut the guy some slack so he can finish playing whatever random game he wants. :p

Thanks Hiver.


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