Fallout from the past week


Well this was an exciting week, and the repercussions are still going on. Neoseeker has this piece on the NMA ninja survey of the Fallout 3 demo:

With James Bondian resolve, two ardent Fallout fans – with the help of wub-sites Gamernode and Madshrimps – insinuated that they were members of the press, in order to get behind a closed-door, 45 minute demo of Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 3 game. The game is not due for another year, but the demo showed quite a lot – and of what they did see, the two diehard Fallout fans, who go by the assumed aliases of Brother None and SuAside, were unimpressed.

While the two enjoyed some aspects of the game, such as the graphics, and aspects of character design, their extensive impressions of the game, as they have posted on No Mutants Allowed, are permeated by lack of optimism in the game’s overall direction. Of course, the ‘fan’s fans’ of the Fallout 3 series will be the hardest people to impress with the game. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to have a fan’s view of the game, as Brother None and SuAside relate many sincere reservations concerning 2008’s Fall release of Fallout 3. Presumably, many of these reservations are shared by the legions of Fallout fans out there, who consider the first two games to be some of the best RPGs ever made.

Aeropause has an editorial on Fallout 3 and dialog, following Emil’s interview to 1Up:

Now, Bethesda has decided that we do not need huge branching discussion trees like this, becaue they do not want the player to miss out on something. I hate to tell them, but the ravenous fans that have been waiting for this game for so long, they remember when Interplay was a good company. Those fans would have researched and played through every possible dialogue tree possible through multiple plays.

Well Emil already explained this, as you might remember.

And finally on the PCWorld blog you can find this piece against NMA’s adventure on the Fallout 3 world:

I can’t remember the last time I saw a feature as meticulous, as literal, as utterly photographic. I’m counting somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000 words of fastidious blow-by-blow obsessing over the 45 minutes Xbox 360 demo Bethesda’s Pete Hines was running in the GCDC press center, a demo Hines explicitly instructed attendees not to record…no ifs, ands, or buts.

So, to be perfectly honest, I’m a little disappointed to see that these guys thought it’d be just dandy to apply “for the demo showing in name of another media company,” video the whole shebang, then transcribe it with unsanctioned screen grabs. Me envious? You better believe it. I had a recording device too, and I would’ve killed to use it. But I didn’t, because playing games is something you do in front of your computer or TV, not at the expense of a respected industry publisher.

Brother None already explained on the comments sections why he feels the author of the piece is wrong. Time for me to comment on the issue too, I’ll leave it here since it’s impossible for me to comment there:

Hello Matt, this is Briosafreak from Fallout3:a Post Nuclear Blog.

First let me correct you on one thing, I send the pics to NMA, and I was thousands of miles away from Leipzig, the pics were released to the public by Bethesda before the article.Maybe you could edit that part.

I disagree on your negativity towards the detail of the NMA piece, instead I find it comendable. Still if you read the previews of Ron Burke at Gamingtrend or Brendon Lindsey at Gamenode you’ll find other examples of extremely detailed pieces, NMA was the most thorough but not the only one.

Finally as you can read here there was a time Bethesda allowed fansites to see the demoing of the games by themselves, if it discriminates Fallout fans than it seems reasonable they use direct action in order to better cover the game and give the info their viewers deserve, the best possible, as it should be on the gaming media in general.

All the best for the future



11 thoughts on “Fallout from the past week

  1. Time for me to comment on the issue too.


    As for “feel the author of the piece is wrong.” There’s little to “feel” about remarks on “unsanctioned screengrabs.” There simply were none. ‘s no feeling, ‘s fact!

  2. Bloody Mess

    I note that Briosafreak’s column is headed by the Bloody Mess Trait pic
    from the U.S. press – FO3 – dog and pony show(?).

    Bloody Mess

    Interesting imagery choice that illuminates the wiring schematic of this FO (and / or) (nand / nor) spin off / sequel.
    Game play or role play, best circus on ‘teh inter tubes’ .

    While ago Per suggested – Jinx Trait, since became my favorite replays of FO1+2.
    Put those ancient scripted AI’s to hard work. Reloading, dropping, picking up, karmic free for all, …
    Hardly the flash in the pan – or 3 Monti-con – that was Radiant (AI) Scripting (in Oblivion),
    but a ’90’s functioning code that blossoms with turn based: you can follow the foibles. Save often if you value that hard won, one of a kind, .233 pistol.

    So, larping in that SPECIAL Universe, TB , and / or, RTwP,
    [a dual reality like the physics of particle form and / or wave form,
    points of observation, the dancing duality that facilitated the Atomic Age],

    Trust that heroes, Pete and / or BN did not elect Bloody Mess.

    Think Jinx.

    Pete with -possible- laser pointer, heart of gold, smile and a shoe shine.

    BN with -alleged- compact digital cam, pure intent, gray matter (-wet- memory) pumped to max PSIA from Russian exams …


    Funny if BN – ‘checked in his guns’ – and laid out 125 pounds of recording history: Sony 360 reel to reel, mace like microphone, uber large Sony Betamax video Cam-corder, tripod, generator, arch lamp … (” Demo?, no, we are here to see Mister Hines perform his artistry, then video interview Mister Hines, after, please …”)
    Save it for the dream sequence, securely nestled in the ever thriving NMA IP inventory.
    NMA IP? Quick (c) it for the win!
    NMA Reality Review(tm) with dire Codex commentary, never ending thumping bass at DAC street party, and Briosa’ in the Catbird seat, what a concept.

    Legends in our own mime’s!


    Think Jinx. Not Bloody Mess.

    Well, Pete’s pointer *never* had a battery implosion,
    and BN’s recording device *never* deconstructed into a haze of (particle / wave) photon effects …

    No time (t) nor space (x,y,z) !

    Sergio Leone stare downs imply rigid turn base editing, and don’t want to bore the Nex Gen.

    Remember SPECIAL Universe activated for this larp.

    Wake up.

    Dialogue options prevailed.


  3. American Colloquialism

    Catbird seat? Advantageous position.
    Complimentary acknowledgment for the use of your bandwidth.

    Double checked the Wikipedia,
    seems there are BOTH literary and sports media roots,
    a whole heap of cultural allusions.

    Don’t worry, got plenty, so keep the change!


  4. a little reply to Neoseeker’s “insinuated that they were members of the press, in order to get in”. i never insinuated anything, i simply was a member of the press there for Madshrimps.com (and accepted to work with BN to write the NMA article and share the Q&A, since i’m an oldtime fan and member (though not staff) of NMA).

    as for Matt’s PC World blog, i won’t make any further comments on it. it has been discussed ad nauseum on the Bethsoft forums, NMA and RPGCodex forums. if anything, it shows the sad state of professional game journalism…

  5. I’ve already posted it in the NMA thread, but here is a nice repost:

    Wow, and now my respect for Brother None drops quite a bit:

    “Brother None: Nope. The temptation would’ve been great, but I was literally sitting right next to Pete Hines, I think he would’ve noticed.

    I kind of cheated and copied a number of quotes from the first event and the recordings taken at E3, because Bethesda failed to set a no-audio rule for E3, which means guys like GamerNode and GamingTrend had recordings. Handy for having the whole intro, or full statements from Weld and the sheriff. ”

    Excuse me? I was sitting with Todd on my right and the lead from Infinity Ward on my left typing furiously on my PDA / Bluetooth keyboard. As you said “I think he (they) would have noticed” There was a no audio rule in place. Before the event I asked Pete directly and he said no audio either, so the answer was no. It was the same with Oblivion a few years prior – just type faster and try not to miss anything. I don’t appreciate you trying to impugn my professional integrity or that of my site.

    None too happy right now given the amount of time I spent at NMA answering their often hostile questions…

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