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PCGaming: Why I’ll never console myself with second best is a PC Perspective editorial on the strengths of PCGaming when compared to consoles. At one point the author, Jeremy Hellstrom, talks about Bethsoft, Fallout and AI:

Another likely casualty of porting to PC was Oblivion’s A.I, named Radiant AI. While Bethesda was having problems with certain Non-Player Character interactions, one can’t help but wonder if the AI was lobotomized to make it play well on the Xbox 360. If you never saw Bethesda’s pre-release demo videos they displayed at the 2005 E3, you can find them on YouTube. I would suggest the 5th video on which details the complexity of the Radiant AI specifically, as it shows the breadth the original version of the AI would display. If you never played the game, you can see the final implementation in many of the other videos on YouTube, from bizarre domestic violence to the death penalty for stealing bread. One of the most rabid fan bases for a PC game are having a collective convulsions in dread of what Bethesda will do to their favourite franchise. Fallout 3 is going to be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as well as the PC, and will use the Radiant AI system. Go check out the forums at Bethesda’s Fallout 3 site, or No Mutants Allowed to see how this news is being taken. Be sure to wear sunscreen, asbestos underwear and JooJanta 200 Super Chromatic Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses.

The article is an excellent read, but I don’t think console limitations had much to do with AI problems in Oblivion, the same problems showed up during STALKER’s development, for instance. Still this is something we all are going to carefully monitor, fans and gaming reporters.

Spotted at Rock,Paper,Shotgun, picture from One Dinosaur’s Oblivion.


2 thoughts on “A PC Perspective

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  2. I’d gladly choose to blame oblivion’s faults on consoles if it was the case, but, just like you, I don’t believe that’s true here… RAI sucks because Bethesda couldn’t handle it any better. All in all, the game hasn’t better graphics because Bethesda couldn’t handle it any better. The engine has SOOOOOOOOO freaking much to improve, and Oblivion in particular is very unoptimized. I get the feeling Fallout 3 will be even worse, but we’ll all see, I think.

    Remember the shadows being cut out? THAT was because of XBox limitations. Yes, THE GAME HAS NO FREAKING SHADOWS!!! Really, that’s stupid and moronic. Not that it hurt me back then, but it was a lot of detail thrown out of the window right away, when comparing with the videos. Shadows is EVERYTHING in a graphical engine…

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