Leipzig Coverage: Will sees Fallout 3 again!


Remember Will Porter from PCZone? He went to Leipzig and saw the Fallout 3 demo yet again, here are his new impressions:

Oh, and Fallout 3 is still ace. I had to sit through the same presentation again – but I thought I ought to check. Something I missed on my first time round with Bethesda was that if you drink irradiated water out of a toilet bowl it contaminates you less than if you were to drink it from a tap. Good to know for when the apocalypse comes.



3 thoughts on “Leipzig Coverage: Will sees Fallout 3 again!

  1. They haven’t really assured me on Fallout 3 being a great game, in vein of Fallout’s. Since the similarities to Oblivion are still obvious in the game, and we are only a year or so from release.

  2. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the FAQ answers. We all remember the pre-release quotes from Oblivion and how those painted a different picture than what the game actually presented. Until the gameplay videos start showing up it’s 99.9% marketing fluff.

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