Leipzig Coverage: Fallout 3 first notes


The first notes from the Fallout 3 presentations are coming, as we can see on Australian blog The Age:

Screen Play was also hugely impressed by Fallout 3 today, demonstrated by Bethesda behind closed doors on Xbox 360 (it will also be released for PC and PS3).

The game looks outstanding, with a deep story and characters, interesting themes of sacrifice and survival, tactical combat and astonishing detail in the environments to create an incredibly immersive post-apocalyptic world. Role playing fans who lost weeks of their life to Oblivion should prepare to get seriously hooked.

GCLive.se is where you can read (in Swedish) notes from the people of Superplay, PCGamer.se and FZ.se, and they also have their first impressions, here on a translation by Dupa (thanks NMA):

. Love the environments
. Really awful animation
. Nice combat system
. The characters all looks like brothers and sisters, just like in oblivion. You can easily see its the same engine.

More to come.


One thought on “Leipzig Coverage: Fallout 3 first notes

  1. Guy 1 – “Wow! This sucks. I’m sooooo out of this game!”
    Guy 2 – “You suck. You’re saying the game sucks even though you don’t have enough info to say that! This game is going to rock.”
    Guy 3 – “Sure is!”
    Guy 1 – “Shut up both of you, you morons! You’re so stupid you don’t even realize your incoherence. Now you say “we don’t know yet” and you’ll keep saying that right until the game is released, with things like “have you played the game?” or “I’ll only speak when I play it”, and after the game is released and I show you both how I WAS right to start with, you’ll hide behind you’re fucking hypocritical nonsense and say “you’re entitled to your own opinion”. NO! It’s not just a fucking opinion, it’s a lot more, otherwise there wouldn’t be gaming JOURNALISTS rating the games.”
    Guy 3 – “You suck! Shut up!”
    Guy 2 – “Yeah, go back to your pretty NMA or DAC you whiner!”
    Guy 1 – “I’m not from anywhere near that, asshole!”
    Guy 2 – “Whiner!”
    Guy 1 – “You say that because you have recent games you like to play, that’s what.”
    Guy 2 – “So?…”
    Guy 1 – “Nevermind. Go play it and have a great day”

    Something of the sort, if I remember correctly. This post just remembered me of this 😛 Sorry if it’s bothersome and you’ve made the mistake of reading it.

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