Sawyer is a girl yet again


But you would know that if you had read my previous blogpost on Megan “ghostgirl” Sawyer. Now you can find a bit more on her excellent taste in music and lack of contact with the end of the Master on Fallout 1 and the killing of the president on Fallout 2 on the latest Inside the Vault at the Bethblog:

I’m an environment artist. I work on everything from houses tolandscape textures. In Oblivion, I made the houses of Cheydinhal, sculpted the landscape around the whole city, created the bridges and cattails, and made the Dark Brotherhood entry door. I also created the landscape textures and overall feel of the Blackwood swamp region. Currently on Fallout I’ve worked on a few buildings, an area for the main quest, a lot of clutter, and am now working on landscape.

At night I fight crime![…]

I have unlimited club soda thanks to our soda fountain, free hot chocolate in the winter, and best of all, random healthy snacks like apples and bananas. Having worked places where the healthiest thing came from a vending machine, I appreciate that greatly. I also love my cubicle.
It’s near the soundbooth so I’m always hearing gunshots or loud explosions, or Fallout music, or all three. I’m the type that’s driven crazy when it’s quiet and find construction noises soothing, so it suits me very well.[…]

Oddly, I never played them [Fallout 1 and 2] before we got the Fallout 3 license. I did acquire the games as soon as we got the license, and man, I love all the stuff they came with. That little booklet and everything is awesome. I’m such a sucker for games that come with cool stuff. I’ve never finished either one though — not for lack of interest, I’m
just very very bad at finishing games and very rarely do so. I’ve watched all of the speed runs, read everything I can on Fallout, studied screenshots, and watched every YouTube Fallout game play video I can.

Read the rest here, and remember that Bella Lugosi is dead, undead, undead, undead

Edit:Fixed the lyric, geez


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