Leipzig Coverage:Pete Hines at Gamestar.de


And the Leipzig Games Conference coverage starts now, with this video interview made by gamestar.de to Pete Hines.

Great interview, with many questions that are being made by hardcore Fallout fans, and Pete confessing they never even considered using Turn-Based combat.

Thanks Bunkermensch at NMA.


5 thoughts on “Leipzig Coverage:Pete Hines at Gamestar.de

  1. Just as they never even considered not doing full voice over, because “kids don’t want that” (I’m citing here), just as they never even considered not dumbing the game down for a “new generation of players” (citing again) and thus they never even considered doing FOE for Fallout fans…

    They never even considered how shallow and moronic they are, that’s what, so if ANY beth’s employee is reading this (even the janitor), know that I consider you heathen and utterly unworthy of any respect. If you want to redeem yourself, just fire yourself and admit you are cooperating with hypocritical and false persons and entities.

    (sorry, I felt like it)

  2. There really needs to be an RSS feed made up of just comments that Morbus makes on blogs. I would subscribe to that in a second 🙂

  3. @ kathode

    ahah, thanks for the support 😛

    @ briosafreak

    Don’t worry. I’m a sportsman, my heart can take the heat, and my veins are used to high pressures. Cycling really is THAT helpful 😉 My heart is around 25% bigger than a normal person’s, and my normal heartbeat is around 55 bps, given than it’s around 45 bps when I’m rested. It’s not that good for a rider (some of my teammates have around 40 bps, which is a big big difference). Anyway, I often take my heart up to the 200pbs mark (I’m a sprinter here), so it’s not a problem really. Beth can take all my fury and die, and I’ll still be here kicking and ready for more 😛

    No, this is not a threat xD

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