Fallout 3: No German Love

PS3 Toilets?...

In another gaming world oddity the GC Leipzig awards nominations were announced today:

The title “Best of GC” is awarded by the GC – Games Convention for the most outstanding product performances of the computer and video game sector. Today the eleven-member jury of experts announced the nominations for a total of ten categories. The award ceremony will take place in the Leipziger Messe press conference room on 24 August, at 11.00 AM.

GC exhibitors were able to submit their nominations for the categories of Hardware Accessories and Best Game PC, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, NDS, Mobile and Online by 01 August 2007. Participation was open to all companies exhibiting playable products at the GC, the launch of which was not planned before the beginning of the convention.

Fallout 3 didn’t get a single nomination, which means someone forgot to submit the game to the jury.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 3: No German Love

  1. do they even have anyone over there? I haven’t read/heard anything about FO3.

    The TF2 soldier video was pretty lulzy though. It’s amazing how good the Source engine still looks. Can’t wait to play some 2Fort.

  2. Yeah, Pete and a crew as you can read here.

    I was going there with my kid, even looked up where they would be, but something came up and I can’t make it, seems they will stay in a press only area, so I’ll need to check if any gaming journalist that I know goes there.

    Maybe someone can sneak into their stand and send me some pics and info but I doubt it.

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