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Actually don’t. As you’ve noticed by now this blog has a new look and new functionalities. There are still things to tweak, like the tags, and others to upload, like the unofficial FAQ, a gallery and a few articles, but this is pretty much the final version of the blog, at least for a while. Thanks go to Defonten for creating such excellent art as the banner on the top can prove, and sorry for everyone like me that doesn’t like light backgrounds, but I had too many complaints about things being hard to read to keep the dark tones of the last version.

I already had some feedback, with some old Fallout fans disliking the move, and a Bethesda employee and a former BIS employee congratulating me for the better readability. Now I need your feedback and suggestions, either using the Meebo personal messager widget on the right side of the page, or through the new Fallout 3:A Post Nuclear Blog e-mail. Tia.

Image on the top from the I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER? blog.


9 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Blog

  1. New layout looks professional. Old one looked more like a fan site. It all depends on what you’re goin for. Though if you got wordpress 2.0 then you should probably look into doin some customization to try to find a mix between the two. Just my two cents.

  2. No CSS customization allowed, that’s the price for keeping this hosted for free on the WordPress system. Since this is not a commercial venture it has to do, at least for now.

    Funny thing, I don’t have a different domain name because I… forgot to add one. I just did, only this morning I suddenly realized that 🙂

    Some feedback already sent:

    some mutants allowed?

    er yes?

    This is my primary source for Fallout 3 news. Brilliant blog. Thank you!

    I love these comments, I should get more of these 🙂

    death to the new layout.


    the background is too light for me too. Does not feel like a post-nuclear website 😥

    This one is indeed a valid criticism, and I wished it wouldn’t be so bright, but let’s try this and see if people get used to it.
    And yeah Taylor, this follows the trend of several professional blogs and sites, hope it won’t look too professional though :S

  3. Like I said before, I think the new layout looks nice too. Though darker color would be my preference too, I would gladly trade it for better readability. Now if we can have both… 🙂

  4. I don’t want to create an editorial team for now, this place is not supposed to be a substitute to the official site or the fansites. What I wanted to ask a few of you that comment bit more or write well in other places is if you would be interested to get contributors status, which means you would get the power to write blogpost, that would be stored until I could edit them.

    That could work I guess, maybe it’s time to try it.

    In the last days nothing interesting happened, that’s why I’m having difficulties in getting something posted…

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