1up Fallout 3 Fan Club


Although this blog talks more from the fandom side of things, there are other groups following Fallout 3, that are more important financially to Bethsoft. They are trying to reach for the young XBox360 gamer, but Fallout isn’t something very well known on those parts for now. Still you can now join the 1Up Fallout 3 Fan Club, if you happen to be one of those young trigger happy Halo/Oblivion fans.

The faceplate on the top was created by unknowndrifter, and it can be found in the 1Up Fallout 3 Fan Club.


2 thoughts on “1up Fallout 3 Fan Club

  1. Mixing the Nuclear sign with Vault boy is rich, that’s for sure. Great fans they are. Ah! I bet they don’t even know who Vault Boy is and/or why he exists…


  2. on u tube somebody put up some stupid comment about bethesta and fallout3 i think it was called fallout3 spiral u must see it to see how stupid it is

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