In Leipzig to show off Fallout 3


Pete Hines talking to RPGVault:

l be going to Leipzig to show off the Fallout 3 demo to press folks in Europe that didn’t get to come and see it at E3. Our setup is pretty much the same as there – small theater, couple demos a day, etc.

I hope to take some time to walk around during the show, but giving a really long demo four or five times a day for three days, with people asking lots of questions in between sessions, tends to get really tiring after a while. I went to Leipzig last year to show off Oblivion PS3 to some folks, and really didn’t get to see much of anything, so I’m hoping for a bit more walking around time than before.

You can read more about the Convention on the official site and the official blog (in German).

Since I no longer can go feel free to send pics and impressions on the show if you happen to go there!


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