BIS and Interplay anouncement


Sorry for the off topic, but this message needs to get through:

In case you didn’t hear, there was a settlement with Interplay/Herve. Checks have already been issued for back pay / penalties / vacation pay. Some of the checks issued have been returned to sender as the forwarding address has expired. If you are on the list ( or know anyone on the list), please have them contact David Berman at so that they can collect what is theirs.

If they do not notify Dave Berman, the check will revert back into
Herve’s account.

And we don’t want that, do we? We will resume normal programing in a second.


Groin discussion


My previous post about Emil being very serious sparked quite a few discussions on the community:

DAC’s Fallout is serious business!

Bethsoft Fallout 3 Forum Fallout 3 and silliness

NMA’s Fallout 3 not silly

Bethsoft Fallout 3 Forum Eyes argument: doesn’t make sense.

You can also read this Penny Arcade comic on groin shots and achievements!

In Leipzig to show off Fallout 3


Pete Hines talking to RPGVault:

l be going to Leipzig to show off the Fallout 3 demo to press folks in Europe that didn’t get to come and see it at E3. Our setup is pretty much the same as there – small theater, couple demos a day, etc.

I hope to take some time to walk around during the show, but giving a really long demo four or five times a day for three days, with people asking lots of questions in between sessions, tends to get really tiring after a while. I went to Leipzig last year to show off Oblivion PS3 to some folks, and really didn’t get to see much of anything, so I’m hoping for a bit more walking around time than before.

You can read more about the Convention on the official site and the official blog (in German).

Since I no longer can go feel free to send pics and impressions on the show if you happen to go there!