From Emerald Coast.com:

One hour before dawn, the young Marines were placed in an open trench, then ordered to kneel and cover their eyes.
Three miles away, what would be the largest atomic device detonated over U.S. soil was about to explode. Test shot Hood was five times greater than the bomb that killed 90,000 people in Hiroshima, Japan. And no one was sure what would happen this close to ground zero.
The blast blew doors off hinges 14 miles away, rattled homes all the way to Santa Ana, Calif., and was seen by pilots near Hawaii. And that’s not all.
“It was the dirtiest test stateside in terms of radiation fallout,” says R.J. Ritter, national commander of the National Association of Atomic Veterans. “And they walked about 2,200 Marines right into ground zero.”

Read the rest here, scary stuff.


4 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. lol you answered my question w/o me asking it brios 🙂 I was just going to ask if I am seeing things with the changed theme and all. Looks good btw 😉

  2. hehe nice. That is a disturbing article indeed. Have you watched any of the Nuclear Testing documentaries? I have a bunch of them, and every time I watch them I just can’t stop myself from asking “why!?”

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